Baker Small Solicitors provide bespoke training to public sector organisations across the main areas of our practice including employment law, education law and public law.

We have recently provided training to professionals in the followings areas:

  • Contracting out services and TUPE
  • Managing the exclusions process
  • The role of professionals in The Special Educational Needs Tribunal Appeals process
  • Special Educational Needs in Practice
  • Disability Discrimination in schools: the pitfalls
  • Setting up a trust school

What We Offer

All training sessions are designed in full-consultation with our clients. Where we are instructed a training brief if provided outlining the objectives of the training and the topics to be covered. We ensure that we meet your training needs rather than providing a general overview of the law and practice. Our training is tailor made to your own requirements. Training sessions vary in length from two hours to a full day, depending on the organisation’s needs. They can be arranged as a presentation or seminar organised for a large group of clients.

The format that the training session follows can be tailored to your preference. We are conscious that employment law and education law can at times be a technical area and so we make our training as accessible for our audience as possible.


We can agree a fixed fee with you depending on your organisation’s needs and the size of the training.  Our charges typically range from £750 – £1,500 per day. For subscribers to our subscription packages, training is agreed as part of the package.  Any traveling costs or disbursements are agreed in advance and incorporated into the daily fee.


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