We offer a range of services for the public sector and believe our costs are competitive when compared to those offered by the private sector or even in-house legal departments. We do not have significant overheads or partner’s costs and have therefore chosen to pass on these benefits to you, our customer.  We provide legal support on an hourly rate, as fixed fees or through our subscription packages. This gives you the flexibility to engage us depending on your requirements.



Local Authorities/public bodies may decide that they do not need regular access to legal advice through our subscription packages and it is only when an issue arises that they would consider seeking legal support. If this is the case, then you can engage us on an hourly rate or in some cases we can agree a fixed fee with you.

Litigation Fixed Fees

In some cases we are also able to offer you a fixed fee for our work. We offer fixed legal costs for the following types of work:

  • Employment Tribunal claims
  • SEND Appeals
  • Admissions Appeals
  • Exclusions Appeals
  • Debt Recovery

If you would like to discuss the option of a fixed fee on a specific case, we are happy to discuss your requirements with you and can provide you with a fixed cost, which will include our costs and any professional disbursements. The advantage of a fixed fee is that you can budget for bringing legal claims and are not liable for unexpected costs which may not have been budgeted for.


Hourly Rate

Where a Local Authority/public body requires ongoing legal support and engages our services on an hourly rate, we would provide with an initial estimate of costs so that you have some idea of the likely legal cost involved overall in resolving the matter. As the case progresses, we will provide you with regular cost updates to ensure that the costs are manageable and within the budget allocated to the case.

Our hourly charge out rate is:

Solicitor Advocate                          £120.00 per hour

Senior Solicitor                               £100.00 per hour

Solicitor                                            £85.00 per hour

Trainee Solicitor                             £70.00 per hour

Paralegal                                          £65.00 per hour



Any disbursements (the fees of other professionals involved in your case such as barristers and medical experts) will be payable in addition. Many cases are concluded without the need for disbursements. If they may be required in your case we will discuss this with you, explain your options and agree the fees with you in advance.

In order to keep you up to date on fees we will send you regular, itemised invoices (usually on a monthly basis depending on the nature of the case).